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UBSCSB Series 1: Sega Pico

There hasn’t been many updates this month, hasn’t there?

Sorry folks, Satellaview progress has been slow. I’d gladly post some more info as it comes along, but quite frankly, there isn’t much I can recall at the moment. In the meantime, since you guys already know that I tend to look at other bits of obscure gaming, I’ll fill up time by posting some things.

Let me start with the Sega Pico. Yes, -that- Sega Pico, if you already are familiar with it in the USA. The “Edutainment” gaming system Sega released in their days of oversaturating the market with Genesis upgrades and derivatives, it seems the Sega Pico actually had a much more startling success story in Japan than in what I believe to be the country of it’s birth…

I tried collecting some JP Pico titles a bit ago, but holy moly the shipping is hell on these things – packaged in heavy plastic casings similar to old-fashioned Disney VHS tapes (except heavier and more hard plastic), and considerably larger than a typical game cartridge, JP Pico titles have high shipping and commission costs to import in spite of the low “bid prices” on YJA.

Fortunately, they worked A-OK on US Pico Systems as far as I tested – as long as the game doesn’t require a unique accessory, a US system will run it. You can watch me play “Futari wa Pretty Cure” to verify that – I upped this on Youtube quite a while ago.

This game, copyright 2004 by Bandai… based off a still-running anime franchise in Japan, recently being dubbed for Canada… In comparison, in the USA the Sega Pico was a dead weight nearly 6 years prior.

I eventually went digging around for more titles, and came across these.

… Yes, that last one is POKEMON. I’m not making this up. There’s also two other Pokemon games I’ve yet to successfully purchase. Not only that, but the Pokemon games continued being produced as the Pico was overplaced – by a SUCCESSOR console, the “Beena”, which I unfortunately have nothing on. The Beena has a Pokemon Diamond/Pearl themed game of some sort.

If anyone can help me find a ROM Copier for these titles, I’d really appreciate it. 🙂

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