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ENTRY REVIVAL: “All Night Nippon and how obscure Japanese culture impacts your Nintendo games”, now with more Satellaview relation!

Someone who’s been backreading on my old Blogspot blog location asked me why I was missing the “All Night Nippon” article (He found it a very interesting read).

I told him that I thought the article was a bit misplaced at the time, but developments were coming along and I thought to revive it. Well, the development I got wasn’t quite what I expected, but I got it!

This one’s a fairly long one, so I’m gonna use that “more” code I haven’t used in a while.

Bits of the old article will be copy-pasted in quotes – the new info I got is non-quoted.

“I did a search for 穴井夕子 (Remember that name? I brought it up earlier on here.) on NicoNicoDouga today and got a mildly pleasant surprise. Before I elaborate you, you guys need to understand what makes it so interesting. And to do that, I’d have to show you something else first…”

(Video stoled from supermariobros3636 – I’LL GIVE IT BACK LATER I PROMISE ;-; )

Does anyone here recognize this? Of course, it looks like Super Mario Bros – but twice as strange!
This is “All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros” for the Famicom Disk System. The story behind it is that All Night Nippon themselves raffled it off to contest winners in 1986.”

–Interrupting here!–

Since that article was made, a very informative article on All-Night Nippon Super Mario Brothers was put up at


Of note is the listing of the represented celebrities. Do you see Tamori? I think I told you folks before how I was on a search for a game called “Tamori’s Picross”… This is the same guy, for sure! This is the major link I was looking for. Haha! Anyway, back to the original text…

“So how doe this relate to what I found? Simply, really…

I found some actual recordings of the program.”

I’ve reformatted the video streams here so they are in the Satellablog’s current form, so these technically aren’t quoted.

An episode with the date 91/07/02.

An episode with the date 88/10/06

“Since I found these looking up someone I already identified as a Satellaview radio personality, it makes me curious about Nintendo’s past relationships with what many foreigners may see as obscure Japanese 80’s Pop Culture – and how it affected the decision to churn out the Satellaview itself.”


Digging around a bit more has landed me some 1986 content. 😀

However, I also got the Japanese Wikipedia article on All-Night Nippon SMB and it looks like I’m actually meant to be looking for 1987…?


(EDIT 2: I’ve tried Excite-translating the All-Night Nippon SMB Article.

also, putting them 1986 segments up.

Also, a bit of speculation – The BS Zelda Homepage, after going through a few attempts to translate the credits for BS Zelda, have come up with some interesting speculation about the nature of the Zelda seiyuu.

MadHatter speculates that the name translates into “Naomi Fujisawa” with this possible explanation

“One thing I can say for sure is that in the 4-character name (藤沢 直美), I was unsure about 2 characters (the 1st and 3rd), but the 1st character actually shows up in Seizo Kato’s name as well (加藤 精三 – second character). So assuming Kato is correct for Ganon, then the “Fujisawa” portion of the Zelda-actress’ name is correct. I haven’t found any other seiyus named Fujisawa who have a first name similar to Naomi (直美) and really the only problem with the “直” character is that it looked like the box on the inside of the character (yeah I know I’m being real technical here… tongue.gif) had only one subdivision on the screenshot whereas “直” has two. As I type this, though, with the tiny characters on the screen it actually looks exactly like it only has one subdivision, so I think Naomi (直美) may actually be correct but the characters in the screenshot are just suffering from screen effects.

So I’m pretty confident that Naomi Fujisawa is correct.

I wish there was more about her online. I did some digging and found out that there was a beauty contest finalist with the same name from around the same era (1991). She had won in the Riho Maseki (マセキ里穂) Event apparently. I looked up Riho Maseki and found that it was some sort of concert event held by All Night Nippon. So perhaps that’s our connection. I really don’t know for sure. I wonder if this was something Fujisawa was awarded as a prize or if fans got to vote on who they wanted (you recall the Satellaview Tsushin magazines featured a centerfold girlie each month) or if it’s an entirely different Naomi Fujisawa – perhaps a St.GIGA employee or DJ? I don’t know.”

This would be a very interesting revelation if it was true. Also, this makes this blog post one of my longer ones. Ouwwwwchie. Hope you all enjoyed the read!

Original NicoNicoDouga uploads:
大槻ケンヂのオールナイトニッポン 88.10.06&
中島みゆきANN 1986年・ゲスト谷山浩子(30分)

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