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St.GIGA at last.FM?

MadHatter at the BS Zelda forums linked me this the other day;

A profile for “St.GIGA” at last.fm

I don’t really know how this site works, but I have checked out the various listings. In particular, the “tracks” listing has an entry for “BS Tantei Club ending theme”. Hmm…!

There is also a “St.GIGA Radio” option. The musical selection in this is a very bizarre mixed lot of Middle Eastern, Americana, and Japanese.

If this is the same St.GIGA from the old times, I wonder if this would mean well for the archival of Satellaview data…

2 thoughts on St.GIGA at last.FM?

  1. Speaking of the BS Zelda web site, it seems to have been blocked due to suspicion of malicious software attacks. Any news from them on when this will be lifted?

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