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Another UNRELATED BUT STILL COOL STORY BRO – on the Japanese Sega Channel

I’ve been having relatively slow progress with finding new Satellaview material lately, but I was kinda tided over by some other stuff. Y’see, I recently learned (thanks to This Hidden Palace Zone Thread) that Japan actually got the Sega Channel. As in, the actual thing.

Yeah, I was kinda behind on that. And apparently I wasn’t the only one. I quickly ran through researching and came across a few articles…

Like this one.

And this one.

And was like “woaaahhmmggg”. I’d like to see the Japanese BIOs cart dumped at some point, now.
Anyway, I continued onward and eventually I came across this – The Japanese webpage for “Dyna Brothers 2 Special” on the Virtual Console

I went into immediate action to try to obtain this game, asking around various communities to see if someone could rip a VC WAD of it for me to extract the ROM from. Eventually, I got help for that thanks mostly to Geno and paul from #acmlm on irc.djbouche.net. Long story short, I got a new Megadrive ROM!

“Dyna Brothers 2” was a standard Megadrive game, but you’re probably wondering what’s in the “Special” edition…. here’s where Youtube comes in handy!

I’m putting the ROM download up here, for anyone who’s interested!

I’m hoping that starting with this, I can learn a lot more about the Japanese version of the Sega Channel.

For info on the US Sega Channel, this article is probably the most immediately informative one.

I would also highly recommend checking out this Sega Channel “Demo Cartridge #4” ROM.

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