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UBSCSB Series 1: Sega Pico

There hasn’t been many updates this month, hasn’t there?

Sorry folks, Satellaview progress has been slow. I’d gladly post some more info as it comes along, but quite frankly, there isn’t much I can recall at the moment. In the meantime, since you guys already know that I tend to look at other bits of obscure gaming, I’ll fill up time by posting some things.

Let me start with the Sega Pico. Yes, -that- Sega Pico, if you already are familiar with it in the USA. The “Edutainment” gaming system Sega released in their days of oversaturating the market with Genesis upgrades and derivatives, it seems the Sega Pico actually had a much more startling success story in Japan than in what I believe to be the country of it’s birth…

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ROM Release…? …. Nah, I don’t think this counts.

Callis sent me this rom to examine… and… well, it just seemed like a corrupted to me, and I told him that.
He then told me something weird – The Memory Pack this image came from caused his Satellaview to -really- mess up. It gave out an “Error 41” message, according to him.

I looked through my old entry on Errors, and realized I never came across such an error. What is Error 41? He wasn’t able to take a picture. Can someone hack or modify the ROM in such a way that error 41 can be called out? Of course, if someone -could- do that, I’d expect even grander things, like access to many of the “locked” BS-X areas…

This strange download, if one ever dares try making a tool to put new data into a 8M Memory Pack, could replicate this “Error 41” that Callis told me about.

ENTRY REVIVAL: “All Night Nippon and how obscure Japanese culture impacts your Nintendo games”, now with more Satellaview relation!

Someone who’s been backreading on my old Blogspot blog location asked me why I was missing the “All Night Nippon” article (He found it a very interesting read).

I told him that I thought the article was a bit misplaced at the time, but developments were coming along and I thought to revive it. Well, the development I got wasn’t quite what I expected, but I got it!

This one’s a fairly long one, so I’m gonna use that “more” code I haven’t used in a while.

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