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With this new ROM dump, the BS Mystery Dungeon is now slightly less mysterious

So earlier this week, Yankee tweeted about a 8M Pack dump he made. After a bit of examining, and a redump to get it verified good, it’s about as ready for release as it will be!

We’ve obtained episodes 2 and 4 of BS Fuurai no Shiren in the past, and Yankee found episode 3!

As per usual with Soundlink games, here’s a bit of info on the premiere broadcast from the old Satellaview History Museum:


1996/05/17 BS風来のシレン スララを救え
第3週 VTR

The ROM dump has a date of 4/12 on the header, which I’d guess would mean it would be from a rerun the following year. Unfortunately, I can’t verify that, because archive.org did not preserve the April 1997 schedules the Satellaview History Museum used to have.

This episode has the same behaviors as the previous two, so it’s a bit difficult to emulate if you don’t have Satellawave set up with the time channel server elements. SNES9X and BSNES are recommended for this.

kukun kun has an archival recording of this.
Do note that the (again, similar to the other episodes) PSRAM data at the start and end of broadcast is not present in the ROM dump.

Compared to episodes 2 and 4, episode 3 is where the difficulty starts to ramp up. In fact, it’s very possible to get into scenarios you can’t win in right off the bat, much like episode 4. That said, you can find an ally who, unlike Surura in episode 4, isn’t helpless and can be pretty useful. He can go as easily as he comes, though!

Still no trace of the alleged “BS Torneko no Daibouken” seen in the promotional video.

BS風来のシレン スララを救え 第3週 | BS Fuurai no Shiren – Surura wo Sukue – Dai-3-wa
ROM download

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