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NEARBY MILESTONE ROM RELEASE: The Penultimate Puyo. (Last one will drive me Madou I swear)

While Danyl still works on that big batch, I’m gonna take a few notable chunks and release them separately. This is, obviously, to keep the page active, and also to hopefully make Danyl’s job a bit easier with a smaller amount of ROMs necessary to work with.
(NOTE: Danyl has done some edits to the article. Please excuse any unusual changes in formatting or writing style.)

I’m gonna start with one I spent a sizable amount of my own monies for. Now, it’s been a while since I did that, partly because I really shouldn’t be doing that with how broke I am, but this dump is a tad important. You know why?

Let me recap the prior Puyo Puyo-related ROM dumps on Satellablog. This is useful especially if you’re new to this blog, which may well be the case considering it’s almost as old now as the Satellaview was when it was first made…

Super Puyo Puyo
Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu BS Ban
Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu Remix BS Ban
Super Nazo Puyo
Super Nazo Puyo Tsuu For Satellaview
ALSO Super Aleste

You might be thinking “Wow, you got every Puyo Puyo game!”
But you’d actually be wrong!
There’s two more to add this set… the one of theses last games is in the “Madou Monogatari” line that is on the Super Famicom.
That’s “Madou Monogatari – Hanamaru Daiyouchienji”.

It, in fact, did have a Satellaview download demo!

Here’s a video of the demo in action. It’s a pretty long video, though, so I’ll leave some text info for the tl;dw crew.

Among of the quick notes:
1) The game starts right away, even if you press nothing on the title screen. There is no save menu. The game restarts from the opening cutscene on player death.
2) The game goes through the first study session and a little bit of exploring the Forest of Light, seemingly stopping in it’s tracks right when you would get the Ribbit Boots and leaving you softlocked.
3) You are not able to go anywhere outside your home town or the Forest of Light.
4) While there’s not a lot of known differences, there is a pretty notable difference in the Forest of Light battle BG. Here is the one used in this demo:
(I unfortunately was not able to recruit any dataminers for further assistance in spotting differences.)
5) The download date on the header is 2/11. As a frame of reference, the retail game’s release date is January 12, 1996. As such, this is likely from a broadcast that came after the retail game’s release.
6) According to Kameb’s Satellaview history museum site, which has a section on games featured on various Game Tora no Ooana broadcasts, Madou Monagatari had features on 12/28/1995 and 1/18/1996 respectively:

12/28(木) 新作ソフト(魔導物語はなまる大幼稚園児)

(Translation of relevant portion: “New software (Madou Monogatari Hanamaru Kindergarten)”)

1/19(金) 今週のお買い物情報(1/19)

(Translation of relevant portion: “This week’s shopping information (1/19) Secret software (Madou Monogatari)” )

Here’s an (abridged I guess) broadcast list provided by danyl:

1995/12/28 – 1996/01/10 (broadcast 2 times per day)
1996/02/01 – 1996/02/11 (maybe 12th ?) (broadcast 2 times per day)

The 8M Dump was, according to LuigiBlood, sent by an anonymous contributor.

Madou Monogatari BS-X Ban

魔導物語 BS-X版 | Madou Monogatari BS-X Ban
ROM Download

And with that, NOW did we got every Puyo game on the Satellaview ?

Not really we have to find a last one which is an Sample Version of Super Nazo Puyo Rulue no Roux where you can play the trial course with 6 levels.

Here the list of broadcasts provided by danyl:

1995/06/05~1995/06/11 (2 times per day until the 9th after, this is 3 time per day)
1995/07/17~1995/07/23(3 times per day)
1995/08/14、1995/08/18、1995/10/22 (??? times per day)

Also it’s had been mentionned on the “かべ新聞ニュース” of June 2, 1995 (which can be found on this spreadsheet realised by Danyl:


6/5~6/11の虎の大穴 秘伝ゲームとして登場するぞ。
Translation by Danyl:

“Super Nazo Puyo” will be broadcast as a secret game ! !

★The latest software “Super Nazo Puyo” (Banpresto), which was just released on May 26th, will be released as a secret game of Tiger’s Long Hole from 6/5 to 6/11. ★Next, let me tell you about this month’s on-air schedule. “Genjin 2” and “Mystic Ark” are scheduled to be released in June. stay tuned.

Of all the milestones I hoped to achieve, this will be probably the most unexpected one

I take it fans of Compile really loved the retro Puyo Puyo games, as I’m certain this would not have been possible without the most hardcore of them preserving their 8M packs!

I remember seeing other old media, like manga publications, and it seemed like in the old days you’d see Arle side-by-side with Mario and Pikachu in terms of iconic video game characters.
The era of Puyo Puyo Tsuu and Sun must have been a magical time for them…
I hope I am helpful in reliving your memories!
BS SUPER MARIO COLLECTION NEXT, GUYS? :3 (Spoilers: No, but we got some other Soundlink stuff incoming.)
BY THE WAY: Since we also got Super Aleste, that leaves one Compile-devved Super Famicom game without a 8M Pack dump. That is Jaki Crush, released in 1992, published by Naxat Soft. (This is assuming Spriggan Powered doesn’t count)
Credits :
Writter : Kiddo
Research : Danyl