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Sprigg is here, tra-la, tra-la!

Back in ye ol’ ROM dumping days, a 8M Pack dump of “Spriggan Powered BS Prelude” was dumped. The name “Prelude”? That refers to that it was a preview of sorts for the Soundlink series “BS Spriggan Powered”.

Recently, an episode of the actual Soundlink series was finally recovered. Apparently it’s episode 3! Which has… Stage 3! tada!

With this ROM it’s not easy to see the episode structure… similarly to the Prelude ROM, each episode had a single stage that you could play repeatedly for a scorerun. I asked bakobepe on Twitter if any other info could be found, and while there isn’t much, we know it played along with a radio drama. Since the game “Spriggan Powered” is apparently a sequel to two PC-Engine CD games, it’s reasonable to assume the music used in the Satellaview soundlink also came from such, but I can’t confirm that without a proper archival.

I wonder how easy it would be to make the other “episodes”, knowing the format here?

スプリガンパワードBS 第3話 | Spriggan Powered BS Dai-3-wa
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