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A site plug before anything further.

While I was out not-updating-my-damned-blog, there were many others picking up my slack.

Besides the new ROM dumpers who I will mention as I distribute thier ROMs, there is one other notable person… who has a twitter and a website!

God-bird.net may sound like an avian religion, but dig a bit deeper and you will see, it’s a Japanese gaming preservation site, focused on bringing up old articles and memories!

The site has several sections for Satellaview content! And woah, some of that stuff is good! Several scans from black-and-white magazines and color magazines, with screenshots of games I hadn’t seen prior!

This is the twitter handle of the guy who runs the site.

Check that out as well. 🙂
I’ve been talking with the guy and learned a lot from it! Hopefully it will be useful in coming articles!

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