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Unrelated: Collecting Bomberman anime.

I have considered using this blog to post about other rare gaming stuff for some time. I’m still not certain if I’ll do it often, but this? The attempt to obtain and rip this is much of the reason the blog has been slow, so you bet your horse I’m making sure you guys all check it!

ボンバーマン 勇気をありがとう私が耳になる | Bomberman: Yuuki o Arigatou Watashi ga Mimi ni Naru

A few copies of this VHS are circulating on Yahoo Japan Auctions now. I was pretty excited seeing the cover art, but now I would say that cover art is slightly misleading. You see, while Bomberman does play a role in this anime, it’s really more about a family recovering from an earthquake disaster, with a few Bomberman scenes interspersed for comedic relief.

There are currently no subtitles, but if I can get bluesun to care about this, that might change. Though I’m uncertain about that, considering how disappointed I was that this wasn’t something more like… well, Bomberman Jetters, which would be an actual Bomberman anime.


Bビーダマン爆外伝 最強バトル&サウンド大百科 | Bomberman B-daman Bakugaiden Saikyou Battle & Sound Daihyakka

If you’re familiar with the Bomberman B-daman anime series, you may kinda like this one! Or maybe not, I dunno. It’s also a bit weird, but in this case the weirdness is what I’d come to expect from late 90’s Japanese kids media promotional material – that is, Japanese people trying to rap over a card game. Yep. JUST LIKE POKEMON.

Highlight of this one? “Go Go Bakugaiden” with no credits. That OP looks gorgeous! And my rip of this vid may be the best it will ever look as long as Bakugaiden does not get the Blu-ray treatment!