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Giving a kickback to releases of last year.

So, remember when I said that I tried attracting the ROM hunters to my vids on YouTube and it did not exactly work?

Let’s backpedal a bit, thinking about that. While I was trying to do that there were some new ROM releases. The specific ones I am thinking about on this post were simply put up on No-Intro one day while I was not looking, so I didn’t get to see who dumped them, but it appears to be some folks I do not know anyway. Oops~

Regardless, I decided to check them out. This is basically just to tell you what these ROMs were:

Basically the same as the SFC retail game.

第1回BSサテラビュー杯 サテスポ 8月5日号 | SATESPO 8/5 (Satellaview)

So, a long while back there was a “Satesupo DX” ROM dump.
This Satespo (Argh, blast you, Japanese naming!) is, from what I can tell, the predecessor series. It basically covers the same kind of horseracing material for Derby Stallion 96. I wonder why they overhauled the format? Much like other magazine ROMs, this was a bit of a pain to boot, but I managed it and recorded the contents.

If there were any I missed, feel free to let me know. ^^;

2 thoughts on Giving a kickback to releases of last year.

  1. If the 8M was dumped that way that likely means the 8M had half the data overwritten. Sorry to say. :< What did the other data look like?

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