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New ROM dump Puyowned! Is this a milestone?

Let me start this off with a video that’s actually kinda old.

This isn’t the actual ROM dump in question, even if it looks that way… it’s really just a YouTube mockup.

I made this video a bit after Yankee from SNESFreaks told me had obtained a 8M Pack with “Super Puyo Puyo” and posted a few screens. It’s been a long while since then, but now, we finally got the ROM dump available to download here with the help of ikari.

By itself, this ROM isn’t too significant – it’s very much identical in most aspects to the retail build.

But if you remember Satellablog over the years, there were a lot of Puyo Puyo dumps.

I think now is a high time to highlight the whole anthology, because with the addition of Super Puyo Puyo there is now a COMPLETE SET of Puyo Puyo Satellaview ROM dumps.

Super Puyo Puyo (BS) | スーパーぷよぷよ (BS)
ROM Download

Super Nazo Puyo (BS)

Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu BS Ban

Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu Remix BS Ban

Super Nazo Puyo Tsuu For Satellaview

A nice fiver, huh?

The Satellaview also has a version of that Madou Monogatari kindergarten kids game. Hopefully that will be obtained as well!

I know there haven’t been many updates on the blog – quite honestly, it’s easier to get attention on the likes of Twitch and YouTube, so I’ve moved many of my efforts there. But this will still be THE spot for the Satellaview ROM releases and writeups. Hopefully everyone’s still around to check things out. There’s still a few more ROMs to go from here for now, and I’m still working/slacking off on those Famitsu scans. So stay tuned!