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New ROM dump is making me feel like a very Kiki pervert.

Every now and then there’s a ROM dump we search for, even knowing it’s gonna be the same damn game as the retail version, simply because the game is so good that we want to point at it and go “Yeah, THIS was on Satellaview! Cool, huh?”

Previously that was what pushed me to get Act Raiser and Sonic Blast Man. Now Yankee’s contributed one himself here, in Kiki Kaikai.

Perhaps the folks reading this might be more familiar with the localized title, Pocky and Rocky. Or perhaps you’re not familiar with it. Either way, you should play this! … and so should I, since I’m LOUSY at it. As I’ve said many times before, Vertical Shmups are my absolute weakest genre skill-wise.

This has a download date of 6/6.
Checking this page on the Satellaview History Museum, which corresponds to 6/6/1997, shows this listing:

◇16:30~17:00 奇々怪界~謎の黒マント ゲーム博物館

Kiki Kaikai (BS) | 奇々怪界
ROM Download

New ROM dump has you facing yourself

So here’s a new one of those Casino Bar days!

This specific one is “Thursday” and it’s centered around Poker! You’re up against an old man, a tomboyish girl, and… a BABY? Holy heck, I know Japan tries to raise them gambling-addicted young from all the Sega Pico games I’ve played, but that’s pretty ridiculous!

You might have noticed something particularly interesting in this one…. portraits of the BS-X player avatar characters!

It’s pretty strange how they took those from the promo art even though the in-game sprites look nothing like that art, but hey, spritework is spritework!

I took the time to do a quick n’ dirty rip of the sprites for anyone who wants to use them in their fangames or something…

Speaking of fangames, I’m staff of Nintendo Community Fangame Convention 2014 this year, and registrations are open. I hope we can somehow flood the entries with Satellaview! … Course, that likely won’t happen, but hey, optimism!

カジノバー 木曜日 | Casino Bar Mokuyoubi (BS)
ROM Download

NOTE: This ROM doesn’t wanna boot on my sd2snes. It’s currently only confirmed to boot on snes9x-sx2.

YouTube won’t give me a break. >_<

Don’t be surprised if my other YouTube videos are affected by this soon. :/

This is frustrating. YouTube’s given me a hard time before, as you’ve all seen, but I’d say this case easily surpasses the last in how utterly ridiculous and baseless it is.

Can someone tell me WHAT Google’s supposed botting detection algorithms are so that I can figure out how they could accuse a channel with a paltry ~650 views of botting? Because this is, obviously, a broken algorithm.

The most frustrating thing about this is that while I have heard reports of a spike in “botting” allegations from YouTube, I can not find anyone else with a scenario quite like my own. Every other YTer who’s been hit with this that I’ve searched on the internet… each one of them at least has a 5-digit viewcount. Why go after a channel with a measly 3-digit one that’d probably take a few more months to reach it’s 4th? It almost sounds like YouTube just outright doesn’t want new content providers on the site anymore. It’s pretty scary to think about, especially the idea that this could happen to basically any newbie on YouTube.

I’ll try to rush the next few ROM releases accordingly, while video is still available on my YT. Give me a bit of time to do write-ups…