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New ROM dump has you facing yourself

So here’s a new one of those Casino Bar days!

This specific one is “Thursday” and it’s centered around Poker! You’re up against an old man, a tomboyish girl, and… a BABY? Holy heck, I know Japan tries to raise them gambling-addicted young from all the Sega Pico games I’ve played, but that’s pretty ridiculous!

You might have noticed something particularly interesting in this one…. portraits of the BS-X player avatar characters!

It’s pretty strange how they took those from the promo art even though the in-game sprites look nothing like that art, but hey, spritework is spritework!

I took the time to do a quick n’ dirty rip of the sprites for anyone who wants to use them in their fangames or something…

Speaking of fangames, I’m staff of Nintendo Community Fangame Convention 2014 this year, and registrations are open. I hope we can somehow flood the entries with Satellaview! … Course, that likely won’t happen, but hey, optimism!

カジノバー 木曜日 | Casino Bar Mokuyoubi (BS)
ROM Download

NOTE: This ROM doesn’t wanna boot on my sd2snes. It’s currently only confirmed to boot on snes9x-sx2.