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Yo, hacker, I heard you like ROMs, so I put a ROM in your ROM so you can hack a ROM while you hack a ROM.

This probably isn’t news if you follow blog comments, but I feel it’s worth posting!

redeemer665, who likes to dig into 8M dumps for content beneath what can be seen on the surface, dug into the Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu Remix 8M pack dump and dug out some more “Bakushow Mondai” magazine content!

I explored the content myself and noted that it was two copies of the 2/1/1997 edition of “Bakushow Mondai no Shirikon Chounaikai”. Why downloaded twice? Heck if I know. (UPDATE: Turns out that’s not how it actually was, but an emulator issue. A later post has details.)

I recorded a video of it on Youtube a few days back to examine all the contents.

Technically this was already released, so for the original dumping state please go back to the “Super Puyo Puyo Tsuu Remix” ROM and download it. The file below is a standalone/cleanup modification.

Bakushow Mondai no Shirikon Chounaikai 2/1/1997 | 爆笑問題のシリコン町内会 2/1/1997
ROM download

3 thoughts on Yo, hacker, I heard you like ROMs, so I put a ROM in your ROM so you can hack a ROM while you hack a ROM.

  1. Hi! I’m sorry for not being able to give you more info about my findings since a lot of things have been going on lately. I’m really puzzled why the other magazine still doesn’t seem to work for you. Meanwhile I have typed up and formatted a text file containing the script for both magazines and I’m in the process of translating them. They look both very similar but the content is actually different: the 2/1 dated magazine is about the events of 1973 ( ★1973(昭和48)年の出来事 ) while 2/8 lists some of the events for year 1981 ( ★1981(昭和56)年の出来事 ).

    Other news I have this time is the mystery of “Same Game Koma Editor 4 (Data Pack)” which actually isn’t a data pack, but the very character editor for Same Game Tsume Game from Hudson. All you have to do is give the header the maker value (33) and a new checksum at 0xFFDC (EC4B / 13B4) and it works perfectly.

    Another story is the leftover data in this ROM (starting from 0x80000), which clearly seems to be from a yet undumped week of BS Fuurai no Shiren. Some of it is identical with our Dai-2-wa ROM although with a different offset. Some graphics and font tables are nearly identical near the end of the ROM.

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