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Factory-Refurbished ROM release is almost like new!

I need to give major props to redeemer665 again.
As usual, he’s been posting comments in relation to discovering new content in, or fixing up, previous ROM dumps. This particular fix-up is a major one.

It’s been a long while since I posted about the ROM release of Same Game Koma Editor 4. At the time, no one could get it working. I attempted to fix it myself every now and then, but I got myself stuck on the assumption that it was data pack data meant for Same Game.

Turns out it’s a bit more complicated than that.

It’s more like… a data pack… maker… application… thingy!
… I apologize for my lack of coherency.

You can see how it works in the video – the sprite editing application saves into the program itself (So I guess we’ll never be able to tell what the original checksum of this was, huh?) and the data can then load up in Same Game the same way as the other “Koma/Chara data” sets.

A download for the “fixed” ROM is available below, although as usual, note that this is a modification of the previous 8M Pack dump.

Same Game Koma Editor 4 (fixed) | 鮫亀駒エディタ4
ROM Download

Since Koma Editor 4 uses a combination of read and write features as well as Data Pack features, the sx2 line from LuigiBlood is the recommended emulator choice for this.

Oh, also, redeemer has me standing corrected on another issue regarding the earlier Bakushow Mondai postings. Apparently the booting of two identical-looking datas isn’t how the ROM actually is, but an issue with snes9x-sx2. Yeah, I don’t get it either.

He’s sent me a further-split ROM and now I can see this…


He’s also romanized it a bit better than I have. So, once again…

Bakushow Mondai no Silicon Chounaikai 02/08/1997 | 爆笑問題のシリコン町内会 02/08/1997
ROM Download

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