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Your “Satellablog needs money” reminder.

If you want to know why there’s been a dry spell on ROMs, well, quite simply put, I haven’t been able to buy much lately.

I’ve been keeping myself busy by cooperating with Team Europe to get new info on Sega Pico game titles. There’s been a lot of new Sega Pico ROM dumps and they may be in databases sooner than later, but this, also, is a very expensive operation, due to the high shipping costs.

I myself have some Pico carts that I’d like to have ROM dumped. I’ve upped vids of them on Youtube many, many years back. I thought to try to ship them to Team-Europe, but, well… expensive.

Heck, things are expensive in general lately, and money’s not going around like it was.

Normally I’d once again suggest to use the various donation options… but I have an alternative idea now.

I’ve been doing monetization on many of my Youtube uploads. With any luck, Satellablog may be able to scrape by with some Youtube ad revenue. People may be able to support us without having to make direct donations!

I humbly request you folks watch my Youtube uploads and let the ads roam free.
Lately, I’ve been uploading a lot of Sega Pico gameplay content, intended to introduce people to the Pico’s international game library. Of those, only a few of them got approved for monetization. I hope you watch them all, regardless!

If you’re worried that I’ve been neglecting the Satellaview, though….

… Let’s hope this gets you thinking otherwise.
Also, this one is monetized. It was a pretty expensive game grab, so I’m hoping you folks are willing to reimburse the Satellaview archivers with your Youtube viewing. Maybe then this might show up on the blog!

Also: I don’t know where my original donation buttons went. Sorries.

2 thoughts on Your “Satellablog needs money” reminder.

  1. Hang on just a bit more, OK?

    I’ve been hearing of some potentially awesome sd2snes updates in terms of Satellaview ROM compatibility, and maybe I could do some neat recordings of me playing some of the ROMs on there.

    I also need to ship something to Callis soon. But first he needs to get me some money once an invoice comes along….

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