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Blow your Leap Year Gambling.

Alright, since it’s Feb. 29 and Feb. 29th isn’t gonna happen too often, let me put this up!

I’ve got this dump by ikari which has -two- Kouryaku Casino bars in it. But, before I begin to describe them I need to make sure I got something clarified, partly for my own head’s sake;

Bluesun pointed out to me that the Casino Bar minigames are, in their ROM headers, each named after days of the week.

this site helped me keep tabs of these days.

As you can see from the ROM Headers above, we have here Suiyoubi and Kinyoubi. I also went back and checked the previous ROM dump, and that one is, interestingly enough, Nichiyoubi. Hopefully ROM DATs will sort out the file names accordingly.

Anyhow, Suiyoubi has a poker game…

And kinyoubi has slots.

Also, since I didn’t spot this before with Nichiyoubi, I’ll make a note that like the Monopoly ROMs, this will take currency from the BS-X. Also, emulators that can’t detect that there’s two ROM datas in this will just play the first one.

攻略カジノバー 水曜日 + 金曜日 | Kouryaku Casino Bar Suiyoubi + Kinyoubi
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