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Merry Christmas! Your present is… more Harvest Mooning!

Hey, anyone remember about 2 years ago?
Yeah, I popped one of the “BS Bokujo Monogatari” ROMs up on the blog!
Pretty sweet Christmas, huh?

Well… time to one-up myself here! This Christmas, I got not one, but two of them to show!

Let’s start with this one! Titled BS牧場物語 第4話, this would be the fourth and final episode of the Soundlink broadcast.

Thankfully Kameb’s site is back up to link for reference here!


1996/09/27 BS牧場物語
第4話 牧場マスターを目指せ!

“BS Bokujo Monogatari Dai-4-wa Bokujo Masuta wo Mezase!”
(BS Ranch Story Episode 4: Aim to be a Ranch Master!)
(What, they trying to make this like Pokemon or something?)

Obviously it is very similar to Dai-2-wa in code and style, so you can read back on that if you want info on things like how it plays, ROM compatibility, and whatnot, so I’ll focus on the differences…

You’re in a more developed farm than in Dai-2-wa: There’s a -huge- grass area growing, and within an in-game week or so you will have enough grass to feed animals perpetually. All your farming items are gold. Your fence is practically around the whole perimeter of the field. You have a horse! You also have cows and chickens, and like in the retail game, you can feed them, and milk the cows, and the chickens will lay eggs. This time, your veggies are potatos and turnips. With a lot more options, it seems quite a bit more fun to mess around with than Dai-2-wa.

BS Bokujo Monogatari Dai-4-wa | BS牧場物語 第4話
ROM Download

And now, for the second ROM of the night. Is it Dai-1-wa? Dai-3-wa?

… No, it’s neither? But it’s still a Bokujo… Oh, dear, this is gonna be confusing.

Let me start by explaining where I learned of this one’s existence. This ROM was made possible by the fine folks at SNESFreaks,

So it goes, the member “Undead” owned the 8M Pack with this data, simply titled 牧場物語 (Bokujo Monogatari), and played it a bit at some point. This was apparently a bootable download of some sort.
The pack was described to ChronoMoogle, who would then convince him to let Ikari dump the ROM contents. When I got access to the ROM, obviously I tried checking it out.

In terms of that status of the ROM, it appeared the checksum/maker values were gone yet again. Thankfully a patch for this was easy and it had no bearing on how the game ran, so I was quickly able to toss it in an emulator and play.

The first notable difference between this ROM and the “BS” series is that the “How to Play” mode is available. I played that first thing… and a bit in I was thinking “Ok, so this is meant to be a download, but it doesn’t have sound…?”

Indeed, besides that option’s availability it’s actually not that different from the others in terms of it’s style. The only notable change is that for some reason when you go to bed you have a save option which does not seem to actually work. As for the farm’s status? You have gold items and farm animals, but your land is very undeveloped. You can spend a long time plowing, cutting down tree stumps and whacking giant stones with a hammer.

Puzzled as to how this one fits in with the others, I turned to Kameb’s site for help. Checking the ROM’s download date – the 25th of August – I attempted digging through the Program Schedule archives on Kameb’s site.

Is this it? Let’s find out…

☆16:30〜16:40 牧場物語 取説 放送局
★16:40〜17:00 牧場物語 放送局

“Bokujo Monogatari Torisetsu”
“Bokujo Monogatari”
(“Ranch Story Operation Instructions” and “Ranch Story” respectively)

.. Hmm. I wonder what all those Operation Instructions downloads were like?
Well, anyway, it appears I found what I was looking for.
This appears to be just a couple weeks before the “BS Bokujo Monogatari” Soundlink series, which started in September of that year. Kinda strange.
It’s likely this one was intended as a demo either for the retail game or the Soundlink series, but I’ll probably need to look up more on it to know for certain.

The ROM comes with an IPS patch which should restore the checksum and maker values.

Bokujo Monogatari (BS) | 牧場物語 (BS)
ROM + Checksum patch download

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