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Satellaview Soundtracks – Music Splice Hackory Custom.

I’ve done a lot of searching for Satellaview Soundlink music.
Unfortunately, in many cases, it was all to no avail whatsoever.
Eventually, I decided that instead of looking for soundtracks, to actually try to see what I can “restore” from my videos! The results are mixed, but some of them are fairly impressive! Others still require a lot of work to sound “Acceptable”, but I’m not giving up, obviously.

BS Zelda – Overworld

BS Zelda – Dungeon

BS Zelda – Ganon

BS Tantei Club – Downloading (shortened)

BS Fire Emblem – Liberation

BS Fire Emblem – Victory is Ours B

BS Shin Onigashima – Theme/Downloading

4 thoughts on Satellaview Soundtracks – Music Splice Hackory Custom.

  1. Yeah, it’s progress of sorts. However, not all the songs make viable rips via this method. In particular there’s still a decent amount of BS Zelda songs I can’t quite clean up, which is a bit of a quagmire.

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