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Satellaview Soundtracks – Music Splice Hackory Custom.

I’ve done a lot of searching for Satellaview Soundlink music.
Unfortunately, in many cases, it was all to no avail whatsoever.
Eventually, I decided that instead of looking for soundtracks, to actually try to see what I can “restore” from my videos! The results are mixed, but some of them are fairly impressive! Others still require a lot of work to sound “Acceptable”, but I’m not giving up, obviously.

BS Zelda – Overworld

BS Zelda – Dungeon

BS Zelda – Ganon

BS Tantei Club – Downloading (shortened)

BS Fire Emblem – Liberation

BS Fire Emblem – Victory is Ours B

BS Shin Onigashima – Theme/Downloading

4 thoughts on Satellaview Soundtracks – Music Splice Hackory Custom.

  1. Very nice! I’ve always wanted to play these games with the original BS soundtrack in tact. Thanks to your work it might be possible before long! ^_^

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