It took me 2 minutes to think of a title for this post.

An infodump article! There is a special credit to give to this one. Check out “caravanforever” on YouTube and the website Paint It Yellow. These are great places to look into if you enjoy looking into the history of Hudson Soft, in particular.

And as someone who is concerned about the likes of “Adventure Island” and “Bomberman” dropping off the face of the earth, I very much am interested in that type of thing. 🙂

Actually, a while back I sent caravanforever a PM on YouTube. I figured that such hardcore Hudson Soft followers may know more about their Satellaview work, so I asked about the most recently-discovered oddity at the time – Star Soldier 2mins.

Much to my excitement, I got a pretty solid answer!

Hudson delivered various special versions for the Satellaview, in those days.
The Major examples is the special version of “SAMEGAME”, and the special version of “CARAVAN SHOOTING COLLECTION”.

The special version of “CARAVAN SHOOTING COLLECTION” is equipped with the time-limit mode, also for “STAR FORCE” and “STAR SOLDIER”.

Time-limit mode competition of “SF” and “SS”, was also held in the Hudson spring event tour ’95.
As with your video, It was tough tuning to be a game over by one mistake.
I remember clearly!!
(Hudson spring event tour, is the “SAMEGAME, TSUMEGAME, URAGAME, NANODA. TOUR”. It became the prototype of Caravan’95.)

The same version was diverted to the Satellaview.
※Please note.
Time-limit mode of “SF” and “SS”, have been removed from the product version of “CARAVAN SHOOTING COLLECTION”.

[I followed up with a question based on how The Cutting Room Floor found data for a “5 minute mode” in the ROM.]

I will remember, 5 minutes mode also was present.
I think that there was it, in an Event display version.
And, into the product version of “CARAVAN SHOOTING COLLECTION”, I think that has probably left the data of time-limit mode.
“If entered a any hidden-command, it might be able to play a time limit mode of them!!”
…There were many caravan fan who thought that way!
But, hidden commands such hasn’t been found yet.

The Satellaview was service in the era when satellite broadcasting didn’t spread yet.
I think that the Satellaview was too ahead of the curve!
If it is nowadays is the satellite broadcasting is widespread, the Satellaview does may be successful.
I wanted to tell the valuable software of the Satellaview to many people.
“UNDAKE30″,”CARAVAN SHOOTING COLLECTION limited version”, “SPRIGGAN POWERED BS-version”,and more…

As an aside, winner prizes of Caravan’95 was the Satellaview Set and the Virtual Boy.

So, to summarize: I need to find “Star Force 2mins” now, huh? I’d like to find the full “Spriggan Powered” series, as well. And those early Satellaview schedules also note demos of Super Genjin… Hudson Soft content should be considered urgent business to archive, since their being defunct makes it unlikely that any business has the assets.

… Come to think of it, who’s played the current Spriggan Powered BS (Preview, I think it was called?) ROM dump? I might have to check it out.

As for “UNDAKE30″…? Hmm, I wonder… >.>


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