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よし! Let’s dig into it!

ChronoMoogle speaking! Ok, so we just got a unbelievable big load of awesome scans! Where should we start to analyse them? No idea. Yay! So whatever, I decided to just start somewhere… And my random choice was the broadcast schedule of 17-21. of July 1995 and we will probably go on with the schedules until my japanese got better or bluesun or somebody else is willing to summarise some more detailed articles for us.

But don’t worry, the schedules are interesting enough! Many Satellaview versions/demos nobody ever heard of are in the list of individual broadcasts. And yeah, I won’t let you hold your breath, here they are:

Source: Famitsu 345, page 177
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One must have a lot of issues if you resort to scanning.

I was hoping for this update to be a bit bigger and more detailed, but I’ve been putting it off for too long. I think I’m getting hit with those “Dog days” of summer, so to speak!

This big update is provided to you special thanks to Benjamin Stevens of Planet VirtualBoy and ChronoMoogle of SNESFreaks!
Benjamin dug into his Famitsu collection and scanned all the Satellaview coverage from 1995.
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New ROM dump is so cheesy, and totally Square. Who delivered?

Sometimes I wonder if I secretly take breaks between my posts to think out the ridiculous puns and jokes in my titles…

Ah, well, anyway! Here’s a new ROM for you all while I wait on another batch!
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Factory-Refurbished ROM release is almost like new!

I need to give major props to redeemer665 again.
As usual, he’s been posting comments in relation to discovering new content in, or fixing up, previous ROM dumps. This particular fix-up is a major one.
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