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BS-X Project Presents snes9x-sx2

LuigiBlood has released a build of snes9x-sx2 today!

snes9x-sx2 aims to have the same features of bsnes-sx2 in terms of improved Satellaview compatibility and other neat stuff.

Here’s a video of it in action, doing something few other emulators can do – Satellaview emulation, with PAR codes, while recording!

Here’s your “Did You Know?” for the day, huh?

BTW, a few notes since sx2 doesn’t really have much in it’s readme:

1) You may need d3dx9_42.dll to load it up. I got an error saying it was required, so I put it in the same directory as 9x-sx2 to get through it.

2) The BS-X ROM goes in the “BIOS” directory and is named “bs-x.bin”.

3) Tinkering with the simulated Satellaview server should work similarly to how it did in bsnes-sx2 if you’ve managed to do it before.

4) A future update will include RPG Tsukuru 2 Data Pack support.

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