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New ROM Dump, but I don’t know Wai I’m releasing these now.

Oh dear, this is the most successive punning I’ve done on the blog yet…. er, eh-hem!

This article features the release of a 8M Pack dump ROM with 2 games. Before I hand it over, though, I’m gonna link some of the related articles, or at least alleged relations, in some cases.

Starting with this one. This is probably the biggie. One ROM is directly connected with Yuki Uchida and her radio programming.

Meanwhile, according to bluesun’s translations of Satellaview history museum, the other ROM is tied in to the “Waiwai de Q” series.

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Tee and crumpets.

This is a tad of a minor update as there isn’t really anything “new” to announce just yet. I’ve been busy with other things the past few weeks (and had many schedule setbacks due to circumstances beyond my control), but I hope this will at least let everyone know I didn’t have a BS Laser fired at me.

I recently obtained a set of 3 Satellaview 8Ms thanks to Callis.

One of them contained a Yoshi no Panepon. (Arr, again? This time I’m keeping it as a personal copy.)

One of them contained a Special Tee Shot. This one is one that wasn’t currently in the collections of the collective Satellablog team prior, so I consider this a nice get. Based on it’s appearance alone and comparing it to the ol’ GoodSNES set’s ROM, I feel pretty safely assured that previous dumps of it are alright. Special Tee Shot will be added to the Java and Flash emulators on the site assuming no compatibility issues.

The third pack… don’t get too excited about it, but it’s at least new. I will give more info on it when it’s ROM is dumped and made available.

New ROM features cock and pussy. (Actually SFW, don’t panic)

So, once again, today is my birthday!

Of course, I wouldn’t let my birthday go by without a ROM release after last year had a great one! I’ve been planning on having something up here for November 4th for a good amount of time. But Satellaview games don’t grow on trees, so it left me wondering what to put out.

Thankfully, the residents of Snesfreaks answered my question for me back in October! ChronoMoogle found an interesting auction on eBay.de and set up a multi-party fund for it’s purchase and release, leading to the first release on the blog with 5 people who can be credited to it; The funders, ChronoMoogle, MarcoEagleEye, Svambo (all from #snesfreaks) and myself, and of course the ROM dumper, ikari.

So, what called for such a banding together? It must have been a game that we’ve known about prior and has eluded us before, right? Is it a killer app? Does it teach us something new about the Satellaview? Drum roll, please, this is going to be a really long article…

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