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Want a BS Zelda Repro cart? Request a Mottzilla-approved edition.

Let me post this here so I don’t forget:

If you want to grab a BS Zelda Reproduction cartridge, contact DXTaco at the BS Zelda forums.

DXTaco is currently the only repro-cart producer Mottzilla has approved for using the “BS Zelda Map 1 & 2” Mottzilla Patch.

As I’ve previously talked about in other blog articles, the Mottzilla patch is one of the best and most accomplished BS Zelda hacking projects.

* Both “Map 1” and “Map 2” are fully playable in one compilation.
* 3 Playable characters means you can choose all the popular options – including Link! – without needing a separate patch.
* Fully-working Save game code, with a new save menu that takes inspiration from the classic NES Zelda without enslaving itself to it.
* Gameplay similar to the Satellaview experience – with options to speed things up for the impatient.
* Bug-tested by, among a few others, your’s truly at Satellablog. 🙂

Other BS Zelda cartridges which have been sold prior to this aren’t guaranteed to even be nearly as functional – or fun! – as this. Don’t spend $150 or over on eBay!

… Anyway, enough me-sounding-like-an-advertisement.

I may consider buying one myself sometime… Even though I have a sd2snes, and thus really don’t need it… :<

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