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“Classic Kong” quickly converted to Satellaview homebrew.

I suppose now I’ll make it obvious that I check out NES World every now and then, because just an hour ago I read today’s 2:41 AM update, releasing the new version of “Classic Kong”.

I’d post a video up to show it, but all the videos on Youtube currently are of the old version! This newer one is more polished and has the Pie Factory. It makes me a happy little(?) monkey indeed.

.. Eh, I’ll post a vid up anyway. I like showing videos on my blog.

’tis LuigiBlood’s video anyway. 😛

Anyway, I was excited enough about the release to spend half an hour working on a quick hack of “Classic Kong” to to boot via BS-X. A simple header hack, I’ll admit, so it’s not too special, but it’s still cool to me. “Classic Kong” would probably go together well with “Star Soldier 2mins”.

And the usual: expect compatibility issues on zsnes, reccomended bsnes for optimum emulation compatibility, sd2snes for real hardware, if you have problems just use the original ROM, it’s the same game anyway.

Download the “BS” Classic Kong Complete here.

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