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Clean BS Tantei Club audio: Is this as good as it can get?

This one I’ve been rather slow to report on, because I was afraid of an abrupt deletion like what happened with the Sutte Hakkun videos. Thankfully this one’s already all well and good on my webspace.

BS探偵倶楽部 前編
Niconico.com link

Yes, it’s another BS Tantei Club video. What’s new about it? Listen to it.

… Yep. No SFC sound effects. The audio’s as clean as a presumably analog recording can be. And it sounds pretty good! I recommend anyone who is interested in the Satellaview take a good listen.

I talked about this in an IRC chat a awhile back and it brought up the question of exactly how good the audio quality could be on the Satellaview. As clean as the audio of this BS Tantei Club upload is however, a Google Translation of the description gives the impression that it’s a far cry from it’s original quality;

Crummy translation attempt:
A video of the time. The damaged original tape has some noise and is monoural.

People who tend to know more about Satellite networks in Japan than I do have noted that Satellite TV Networks truly are capable of broadcasting CD-quality stereo sound. I can only hope that, somewhere, that CD-quality audio has been well-archived…

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  1. That’s what I’ve been wondering about too, if you could do that with sd2snes if/when someone happens to figure out the exact format of the broadcasting stream 🙂 Or might it be easier to hack some MSU1 support into the rom? Crazy stuff, I say.

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