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PYPYBM1’s Youtube uploads.

I still frequent NicoNicoDouga often for newly-uploaded Satellaview videos (More on that later, I’m kinda behind schedule on that), but thankfully Youtube’s been being pretty kind to me as well!

I’d like to call attention to a particular Youtube uploader for the time being;
PYPYBM1’s Youtube Profile

This guy mostly likes Puyo Puyo, but his most interesting contents to me are Satellaview-related. I’ve probably linked some of what turned out to be his stuff before when it was upped on NicoNicoDouga, but I don’t want to dig through my back log at the moment (laziness).

Most of PYPYBM1’s uploads are custom music arranges.
Here in particular are some of the Satellaview-related ones that caught my eye;

And among the other videos in the list, there’s Puyo Puyo, Goemon, Bomberman, Actraiser, and a bunch of other classics, and a few recent games and some Vocaloid content.

Here’s hoping you folks here give him a good hello! 🙂

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  1. I was surprised on this article!
    I am always looking forward to the blog post.


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