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New ROM dumps by Ikari; with Crazy Chase

Ikari took a bit to send me his two recent 8M Pack ROM dumps, because they weren’t all that entertaining.

Then I took a bit to post this up, to research to figure out one… and because the other wasn’t all that entertaining.

But enough of dissing this game already, alright?

Kid Klown in Crazy Chase. About the most notable thing about the ROM is…. uh….
… it was referenced on Kameb’s site a few times? Yeah…

The game’s basically same as retail. No emulation issues. The header data says the game was played until locked (Someone enjoyed this game that much?… No, wait, I said I was done dissing it!) and the ROM download date is 5/9.

Kid Klown in Crazy Chase (BS) | キッドクラウンのクレイジーチェイス (BS)
ROM Download

The other ROM… well, appears to be another bad one. Every other data bank is… well, blank.

I tried dissecting the ROM a bit to try to figure out what the contents were. Here’s some graphics from it in Tile layer.

The other possibly-identifying thing is the end of the code in hex, which is plain ASCII, identify ApuDrv by S.Isoda… as in, the sound code for an RPG Tsukuru game.

Unidentified Bad ROM download.

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