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Ikari’s ROM Dumps; featuring Super Bomberman.

I got these from Ikari about a week or so ago, but amongst some of the other Satellaview updates, they kinda had to wait – especially since one is kinda a real bummer.

Oh, not the Super Bomberman one, though.

Well, this looks like it can go right well along with that Super Bomberman Sample or the Super Bomberman 2 BS-ROM dump.

Nothing notably different from the JP Retail release gameplay-wise, in case anyone’s wondering. The ROM download date is 5/3. The game was played to the limit, so the ROM is “locked” – I included a quick patch to unlock it, in case you’d rather play this on BSNES than SNES9X.
(EDIT: Weirdly enough, I can’t get the patched ROM to boot on BSNES properly – I end up getting a strange, glitched bootup. I assume it’s an emulation issue since it appears the game can play perfectly fine in SNES9X and it doesn’t fail a checksum check.)

Super Bomberman (BS)
ROM Download

So, the major bummer?
It’s this ROM;
An incomplete download (Bad ROM)

Had this been a complete ROM, it could have been part 4 of “Naxat Soft Satellaview Bass Tournament – BIG FIGHT”. Unfortunately, I only have some details of the header telling me that much! It looks like the ROM didn’t progress very far downloading at all! 🙁
Well, at least I know what the checksum of this would be…

So, Ikari’s final dump for the time being?

Even More Kanaderu Convert Data (bs) (Data Pack)

Ikari and ChronoMoogle seem to like collecting these (possibly homemade) chunks of Ongaku Tsukuru Kanaderu data. Of course, it probably helps them that they can examine the contents better than I can – I’ve overheard them talking about some of these packs having things like recreated Chrono Trigger and/or Final Fantasy music and whatnot. Not sure if this is an example here, but, well, it’s likely.

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