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BIG Update: BS-X SRAM dumps!

After seemingly -years- being stuck on this issue, somehow, Matthew Callis has dumped and archived 22 BS-X Battery-backed save datas.

What’s so special about that? Well, here’s some screenshots to show some of the interesting things that can be found;

A collection of items… what are they? I’m using the translation patch, but they’re still in Japanese!

The “Transport Device” pops up this option menu, which lets you warp in front of the selected building.

Other items include the “Frogs” which change the appearance of the menus, and…

The “Dash Shoes”, which allow the player to run! (the name “Sprint Shoes” in the fan translation was my own suggestion. :P)

Now, not all the save files are that interesting – quite a few are just the typical blank slates. On the other hand, there’s also a few which, for some reason, can’t be emulated… this series of save dumps really runs the gamut. They also have some interesting names at times, too. I wonder who “ULTRASEVEN” is…?

22 BS-X Save file dumps
Download them here!

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