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Rush Rush Rush – 4: LuigiBlood’s “BS-X Project” updates, and other hacks.

LuigiBlood has made a new forum to discuss progress on his “BS-X Project”. Feel free to check it out!
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Busy Busy Busy – 3: Error 41’s Revenge!


Busy Busy Busy – 2: HyperSpinning makes me dizzy.

This is the thing that’s had me the most occupied. One day I was just idly IRCing, when suddenly, I got a query from someone I never met before.

To my surprise, he wanted help configuring SNES9Xpp XE to work with Satellaview ROMs.

I wrote a bit on this before, and he saw the article and apparently set out to set it up for a project he was contributing to. He had issues with headered/headerless ROMs, though – sometimes I forget that sometimes I talk to people who -aren’t- as intuitively understanding of ROMs as I am. I tend to be used to talking to ASM hackers lately, after all. D:

But, yeah, I helped him out, and then he showed me this page;
HyperSpin FE

He stated that the goal of this project was to compile a lot of emulators and ROMs and set up each ROM to run on an optimum emulator and setting. He cited the Satellaview’s emulation difficulties as one of the reasons he wanted that portion done in particular – sounds pretty nice.

He also showed me this;

Apparently what the project’s gonna look like in the end.

It reminds me a lot of the layout of Ultracade arcade cabinets from around a decade ago. I do wonder how the Satellaview games are gonna play on this, so I may check it out. If it’s as easy to use as the stated goal is, I may recommend it – although, perhaps I might request a “Minimalist” version, for those who have their computers chug at flashy menus.

Also, the old TMNT arcade game uses the classiccc turtles. CLASSIC TURTLESSS. Not those 2k3-designs. Baaaaawwwwwwwwwww.

… excuse the nitpicking.


Busy busy busy – 1: Correction! XP

It seems the previous post was mistaken. I was planning to update it sooner, but I got heavily sidetracked by some other things, so I’ll just throw this up now;
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Redundant Reminder: The BS Zelda Homepage is moving!

The BS Zelda Homepage – one of the oldest Satellaview-related English pages on the internet, home to the only forum where I can ramble on and on about my new finds, and a treasure trove of info for, well, the BS Zelda games – will be forced to move from its home soon.

Here’s the note on the homepage;
“The BS Zelda Homepage is moving.

Our time as hosted site on Zelda Legends regretfully comes to an end. The new host of the site will be Zelda Informer we still don’t have a new url to send you to as we’re in the process of moving, but that is where we are going to show up, in the network bar on top of the page.
In the meantime, you can still view the site on its current location. ”

Zelda Informer, BTW, is this page;

As a regular on the forum, a contributor to projects and as an old buddy old pal, I’m hoping this transition goes smoothly.


More DS VS. BS – Akaneia Senki remake videos.

So, a few days and nothing of note? Time for filler! Where did I leave off the filler last time…?

Ah, yes, I put up a few Youtube clips of the “BS Fire Emblem: Akaneia Senki Hen” chapters in “Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo ~ Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu”.

This time I’m looking at lazily embedding the videos DaienTroop45 upped;
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