Merchandise; Wearing Satellaview Tsushin on you.

About 2 and a half months ago, I won a Yahoo Japan Auctions clothing lot.

I got to open the contents just this Christmas. Taking a look with me?

Ah, this wasn’t the only one, no…

Admitably, these latter ones are a bit more difficult to make out, but the gist of it should be obvious – they’re all clothing branded with “Satellaview Tsushin”, the Satellaview-themed spinoff of “Famicom Tsushin”.

Feel free to right click -> “Save picture as” to save larger versions.

I unfortunately do not know the circumstances under which these were originally distributed, but I’d imagine they were among the many prizes given out to folks who participated in Satellaview events, or given to subscribers of Satellaview Tsushin.

The T-shirt and Jacket are a size L. While I’m certain I’m gonna have a few Japanese natives laughing at me for this, I’ve put them on my tubby Gaijin self out of sheer enthusiasm and took some pics of how well they fit – surprisingly nicely. This is probably one of the best clothing buys I’ve ever done. O:


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