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Back on NicoNico – BS Tantei Club Zenpen.

Someone on NicoNicoDouga seemed to think it was a problem that A certain set of BS Tantei Cub videos was removed from the site, and so this person decided to do something about it! Behold!

BS探偵倶楽部 ~雪に消えた過去~ 前編 part1
BS探偵倶楽部 ~雪に消えた過去~ 前編 part2
BS探偵倶楽部 ~雪に消えた過去~ 前編 part3
BS探偵倶楽部 ~雪に消えた過去~ 前編 oart4
BS探偵倶楽部 ~雪に消えた過去~ 前編 part5

.. hmm, 5 parts? And… this video starts right quite a bit after the downloading sequence. It seems we have a 3rd video set for this segment!
Also, these were a bit difficult to track down because they didn’t have the JP “Satellaview” tag on them….

… oh, yeah, I almost forgot! We should totally check out how these appear on the English NicoNico.com!

Zenpen part 1
Zenpen part 2
Zenpen part 3
Zenpen part 4
Zenpen part 5

And of course, last but not least, click “More” to see them stream from here!

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ROM dumps by ChronoMoogle.

After getting Ikari’s help in getting some 8M Packs ROM-dumped, ChronoMoogle sent me these Memory Pack ROM dumps to take a look at.

The first is a redump of BS Fire Emblem Akaneia Senki Hen Dai-1-Wa: Palace Kanryaku.
In comparison with the previous dump, the -only- difference is the date, which is marked (as ucon64 detects it) 9/29 instead of the previous dump’s 4/4. Otherwise, it is completely identical, even down to the checksum.
As unfortunate as it is that I didn’t find something awesome like the missing CG Art (aw, well. I got scans of that anniversary book, anyway), the fact that these two different dumps are the same down to the checksum basically means the ROM data is as close to “verified good” as it can possibly be, which is pretty good for a Soundlink game!
Likewise, compatibility is also identical to the previous ROM dump.

The second ROM… uhhhhhh…..
Checking the hex mentions something about “ASCII Music Data”, so it may be intended to be Ongaku Tsukuru Kanaderu data, but… it doesn’t seem to show in BS-X or anything. Is it a corrupt or deleted data? This is confusing….

Both of these ROM dumps can be downloaded here.

Refresher: Soundlink Vs. SPC (also, an excuse to post more NND videos.)

As I’ve been talking to Luigiblood, I’ve come upon the realization that folks don’t always tend to dig through the backlog of the blog…. perhaps I should mirror some of the things in a less blog-like form, for easier viewing. It might also help with organization, since the blog usually comes in a “as I figure it out” chronology.

In the meantime, though, some filler; a little reminder of how Soundlink should, well, “sound”… compared to the SNES’s standard SPC.

Well, actually, I just like mirroring up NicoNicoDouga uploads. But these should be educational, anyhow. Note to people who check the blog regularly: expect rehashville.

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