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ENTRY REVIVAL: “All Night Nippon and how obscure Japanese culture impacts your Nintendo games”, now with more Satellaview relation!

Someone who’s been backreading on my old Blogspot blog location asked me why I was missing the “All Night Nippon” article (He found it a very interesting read).

I told him that I thought the article was a bit misplaced at the time, but developments were coming along and I thought to revive it. Well, the development I got wasn’t quite what I expected, but I got it!

This one’s a fairly long one, so I’m gonna use that “more” code I haven’t used in a while.

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St.GIGA at last.FM?

MadHatter at the BS Zelda forums linked me this the other day;

A profile for “St.GIGA” at last.fm

I don’t really know how this site works, but I have checked out the various listings. In particular, the “tracks” listing has an entry for “BS Tantei Club ending theme”. Hmm…!

There is also a “St.GIGA Radio” option. The musical selection in this is a very bizarre mixed lot of Middle Eastern, Americana, and Japanese.

If this is the same St.GIGA from the old times, I wonder if this would mean well for the archival of Satellaview data…

Satellaview Emulation – SNES9Xpp XE is SWEET.

For a long, long time now, I’ve been wondering by the BS F-Zero ROMs have a notable emulation issue where you can’t clear a lap.

Well, I finally found an emulator where this doesn’t happen! Behold! Xpp XE. I don’t know much on it – it’s apparently Japanese in origin and based of the “SNES9XWXE” I may have mentioned before, but it’s newer (well, 2004, but still), and better!

To set it up, mark your “Save” directory and make a folder called “BIOS” there. Take the (headerless) “BS-X” ROM, name it to “bsxbios.bin” and put it in that directory. Now set up a “BSXPSRM” directory and leave it blank.

Then load the beauty. You’ll kick into the BIOs – showing the emulator obviously use a hack-ish method to load the ROMs. You have to load Soundlink games as though they were downloads!

Still. It’s worth it. Just for this. Watch me crash and die, folks!

Satellablog on IRC.

As usual, a lack of updating due to a lack of activity. So, I’m trying to forge some activity again.

I’ve set up an IRC chatroom – #BS-X on badnik.net . I’ll be hanging out there for anyone who’s interested in some Satellaview discussion. As far as I know there aren’t many other active IRC chatrooms for Satellaview chatting.

Folks who are used to connecting to IRC chatrooms should know how to get in easy – if you guys aren’t so used to IRC, though, perhaps you can try a connection through here. When on the login to the server, select “other”, and when connected, type “/j #BS-X” and hit enter.

Since I don’t necessarily know how well this is gonna turn out, there’s currently no real rules or regulations besides “Don’t make me angry”.

Page reserved for reccomended emulators.

Originally this was a different article entirely, but now this space will be updated with what emulators are recommended. (Last update April 14th)

For games intended to run from the BIOs and Data Carts meant for compatible cartridges:

BSNES version .042 – http://byuu.org/bsnes/

For Soundlink games:

SNESGT, .218 should do for now, I think… – http://gigo.retrogames.com/

For BS Fuurai no Shiren:

This special case seems to only run on a modified SNES9X emulator which I only know of as “SNES9XWSE”.