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My Little Panepon: ROM Dumps are Magic.

Oh hey, I’m learning this blog format better.

Anyhoo, this video is not as specially recorded as the last one, so please turn on the subtitle commentary track for the, well, commentary.

For convenience I’ll also pop in here Wifi’s Twitter posts related to this.

パネルでポン イベントバージョン2 | Panel de Pon Event Version 2
ROM Download

Thanks to Callis/elludevisibility for the ROM
And to those who took part in this poll.

2 thoughts on My Little Panepon: ROM Dumps are Magic.

  1. I’ll consider editing them in in the future.
    The reason I’ve been putting the commentary on the video itself is so the YouTube community I curated actually engages with the videos a bit more (There seems to be a weird split regarding the amount of people who followed my YouTube but are clueless about the blog, in spite of my attempts to promote it.)

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