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Livin’ in SimCity, You know BS-X has to survive…

So today, I’m going to experiment with video-based ROM release articles.
This is partly something I wanted to do for a while, but it’s also mostly that WordPress changed formats in a way recently that I really just can’t figure out or get over, and I’m doing it this way to simplify things.

If any readers have issues with this format, let me know and I’ll add the relevant info from the video in text format.

Let me just pop the video here…

ROM dumping credits:

BS SimCity – シナリオ3 | BS SimCity Scenario 3
ROM download

WIP BS SimCity Event Plaza restoration
graphics by Luigiblood
Satellawave data by KiddoCabbusses


Other relevant links
Satellaview History Museum on WebArchive
god-bird.net research page
kukun kun’s YouTube
GameHistory.org on SimCity for NES

2 thoughts on Livin’ in SimCity, You know BS-X has to survive…

  1. Proper credit, since it shows nowhere in the text (please at least get that into the blogpost kiddo):
    8M Memory Pack with the game found by Yankee, ROM got dumped by ikari_01.

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