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Your irregular “donations wanted” reminder + I’m goofing around on Twitch.

Hey folks, just another one of these. This time I at least have a good setup for it from the Twitch channel I’ve recently set up and am experimenting with.

Getting new material for Satellablog – and thus here – can really add up, especially since I tend to import from Japan often! I’ve managed to get as far as I have with only a handful of donations, but more would certainly be appreciated! Any amount is fine!

Incentives to donate, as I assume is similar with other people who take donations, may include:

Playing a game on request.
Playing a particular musical piece or playlist with Satellaview Soundlink games.
Trying to play a game in a certain manner.

Currently my Twitch has a run I tried of BS Super Mario Collection Dai-3-shuu, which I also upped to YouTube (but don’t feel like embedding here because it’s going on 3 in the morning.)

I probably won’t expect many donations… as usual…. but at the very least, Twitch visitors would be appreciated! Thank you all in advance!

4 thoughts on Your irregular “donations wanted” reminder + I’m goofing around on Twitch.

  1. Ohh I understand, no need to apologize ^^
    It was done in a way that had me really wondering what was going on though, really bluffing!
    It’s kinda sad it wasn’t actually the “real” thing hehe..
    I wonder if MSU-1 could be used to add Soundlink to those BS gems (or used to add the PS1 FMVs to the FF 4/5/6 games!)

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