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Not the best Holiday music, but it’s all good.

So, a while back I said that I was trying to find some FLACs for SFC Dragon Quest I Symphonic Suite, as in the set specifically that played for BS Dragon Quest on the Satellaview. I will note that while my ears aren’t perfect, I DID notice differences in at least the earlier Famicom-based Symphonic Suites, which is why I was particularly picky in this instance.

Thankfully, I found a “Dragon Quest I & II Symphonic Suite” set, and it sounds very much like the real deal as far as my ears can tell. I’ve uploaded the flacs on a new Soundcloud account.

You can access said Soundcloud account here.

Since I’m not sure what other FLACs I can collect currently, any suggestions there will be appreciated. Thanks!

3 thoughts on Not the best Holiday music, but it’s all good.

  1. Hey, cool, thanks for sharing 🙂 I actually bought the DQ1SS album by Tokyo Philharmonics (SVWC-7457) back when visiting Japan and it definitely sounds different than the album you’re sharing. Maybe I should try and listen which one sounds closer to the actual satellaview broadcast?

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