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Merry Christmas! Your present is… different this time.

Ahh, the Christmas ROM Release. Well, it’s Christmas Eve now, but I don’t know if I’ll be around to update on Christmas, so this is going up now.

This is the last of the games I’ve been holding on to since May. And this one’s a bit different from the others.

It’s RPG Tsukuru 2 data pack data, but unlike what I presume previous data pack releases were, this is a St.GIGA-distribtuted Satellaview original rather than a homemade product. It is from a series of releases named 龍馬でゆく which I am currently romanizing as “Ryouma de Yuku” until someone with better Japanese can dig up stuff on this. According to various Japanese sources this was made by the Bakusho Mondai comedy troupe.

This 8M Pack ROM dump contains the first of what appears to be three “episodes” of the narrative (Yep, more episodically-released content), as well as a set of “Graphic” and “Sound” data, which I’m not entirely sure how to use, but I assume it’s possible you can use these in other RPG Tsukuru 2 projects.

Although I’m not entirely sure on this, I believe based on my searching that “Ryouma de Yuku” is a parody of “Ryōma ga Yuku” (竜馬がゆく), a highly renowned piece of Japanese historical literature.
(Excuse any highly likely Japanese errors or inconsistencies that may have come from me digging this up.)

As of current, this ROM only works on LuigiBlood’s bsnes-sx2 and snes9x-sx2
Be sure to read each one’s instructions on how to load the game, as it’s different from loading a 8M in BS-X itself (If you try that, you’ll get a message telling you the game wasn’t designed to run on BS-X when you boot it up).

Ryouma De Yuku batch set (Zenpen + Graphic 1 + Sound 1) (RPG Tsukuru 2 Data Pack) | 龍馬でゆく (前編 + グラフィック + サウンド) (RPGツクール2 データ)
ROM Download

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