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GoDigital MG are giving me a load of “BS” (Pun intended)

Ok, so this isn’t any “real” Satellaview news, but hear me out.

A while back, starting on April 20th, and currently ongoing, the uploads on Youtube I’ve done of “BS Marvelous” started getting Copyright Claims by GoDigital MG, starting with “NND Videos Combined – BS Marvelous Time Athletic 4”.

Now, for reference, I’ve uploaded quite a bit of Youtube content and I’m fine with letting a proper copyright holder make a claim. Some of my other uploads which have claims will show that. Of course, I’ve also successfully disputed claims I’ve found questionable (IE “The claims were all gibberish letters” or claims from people who wouldn’t even identify themselves or what they’re claiming for) and had them removed from my video.

To explain why I know GoDigital MG’s claim is incorrect, I only have to name what the claim is.

“Dead Man Strut (MAIN)”

I looked up the title and it appears to be from this 2010 album, “Dramageddon”.
Yeah, you know when all those Satellaview recordings were done? BS Marvelous couldn’t have been earlier than 1996 and no later than 1998.

There’s absolutely no way that the BS Marvelous videos could have the copyright material of a song that didn’t exist at the time they were recorded. The claim can’t possibly be true. At this point in the story, it’s easy to assume it was an error, although it didn’t seem to be an error in Youtube’s automatic copyright-detection scanners, since this didn’t kick in until a year and four months after the upload.

I tried using Youtube’s claim dispute form (Why the hell it doesn’t have a proper “The content they’re saying is there is actually not there” option is beyond my comprehension). Unfortunately GoDigital MG simply reinstated the claim.
Trying to figure out what options I had, I followed the Google-generated web advice of e-mailing GoDigital MG representative Kevin Scott and requesting the claim be removed.

And that one did get removed. Well, all’s well that ends well, right?

… If only it ended there, that is.

On May 23rd, it happened again. And here’s where it starts getting absurd.
The video? “NND Videos Combined – BS Marvelous Camp Arnold 2”
The claim? … Exactly the same. “Dead Man Strut (MAIN)”
For the exact same reasons I described above, the claim is untrue. Furthermore, there’s more than enough deja vu to cry “blatant fraud” at this rate. Nevertheless, I attempt the same motions as before. I attempt a dispute, but the claim gets reinstated. Then I contact Kevin Scott again.

Unfortunately, the claim doesn’t get removed after e-mailing him this time.
So, what, are they absolutely certain they’re correct this time? Let’s see what Kevin Scott had to say on June 1st when I basically asked why the claim wasn’t removed…

I checked the link you provided and I do not see a claim by GoDigital media group. So our company isn’t claiming ownership. The ad shown on your video is not from us. If you have any questions I’d be glad to assist.

…. Wait, what?

Do note; I checked the very same link (This one, in case it’s possible for anyone else to see it.).
The claim is there.
I can see it with my own eyes.
On top of that, it’s pretty much word-for-word identical to the previous claim that successfully got removed from my previous complaint.

I’m being lied to. Like a kid caught chocolate-handed stealing from the cookie jar yelling “It wasn’t me! Honest!”

I attempted to contact Youtube about it, and got Youtube’s automated response. Then I tried playing the waiting game, but nothing more happened…

… well, nothing more except today. When it happened a -third- time. The “it” here being yet another deja vu claim.

The video? “NND Videos Combined – BS Marvelous Camp Arnold 1”.
The claim? Once again, “Dead Man Strut (MAIN)”.

I’m still on the dispute phase on that one, but if it even remotely resembles how the previous time went… Needless to say, I’m talking to people about legal solutions I have for this, since at this rate it’s not only fraud, but harassment as well.

A certain someone I talk to summed this whole scenario up in a few sentences best:

“YouTube’s putting ads on Kiddo’s videos because someone made a copyright claim. When they were asked to rescind said claim, which is clearly in error, they said they didn’t do it.
DMCA trolling is just being a dick. This form of trolling is being a PROFITABLE dick.”

If you want your name credited on that way of phrasing it, feel free to ask.

Anyone else, feel free to ask for more information if you think it’s necessary. Also, if anyone here may have any way to help me out, that would be highly appreciated.

Update 6/22: Youtube gave me a response. Unfortunately, not a helpful one.

Hi there,

Thank you for your message.

The claimant has reviewed your dispute and reaffirmed its claim to your
video. Specifics of the policy applied to your video are in the Content ID
Matches section of your YouTube account at:

Please note that YouTube does not mediate copyright disputes. If you wish,
you may resolve this issue directly with the claimant at

We are unfortunately unable to assist you further.


The YouTube Team

I am considering contacting the adshare group.

3 thoughts on GoDigital MG are giving me a load of “BS” (Pun intended)

  1. I will once again clarify that in this instance, it’s not about a video being removed, but about a video having ads placed on it by someone who doesn’t own any of the rights.

    While some would say this isn’t as bad, since my video is still there and viewable and it doesn’t put a “strike” on my account, it’s a highly unethical and fraudulent act regardless, because GoDigital MG will -profit- off anyone who watches my video based on a false claim. This is something I can’t support on principle, and even if it wasn’t, it’d still annoy me personally since it’s affecting how my videos are viewed.

    If Nintendo wanted to place ads on my Satellaview videos, that’d be fine and dandy.
    If Sega wanted to put ads on my Sega Pico videos, all the more power to them.
    (Of course, in both of those cases, considering the work I do to get those videos up I’d appreciate liking a cut of the money, but regardless…)
    And if licensed songs are in my videos – particularly since the Satellaview featured licensed pop and rock songs often – then the appropriate rightsholders are free to act accordingly and in many of the cases for my uploads have already done so. I won’t fight an ownership claim that’s true if it doesn’t put a strike on my Youtube account.

    The reason GoDigitial MG bothers me is because they don’t fit in any of these categories. Their claim is not only false, but illogical, and yet it’s taking a lot more effort than it should to even go through the hoops to -contact- these people to bring this up. And on top of that, saying that they weren’t the ones who put in the claim is such a blatant and obvious lie that I feel it an insult to my intelligence. They’re making Youtube claims out to be like a crazy train circus.

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