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This week in BS-X Project: ASCII Data Pack emulation + New Data Pack ROM batch.

LuigiBlood’s work on BS-X Project has progressed with improved emulation of Data Packs. Now, the RPG Tsukuru stuff loads up! Look at this… very quick party wipe! Yay…? lol.

Among the more interesting things are probably seeing the Kanaderu Converts load in either RPG Tsukuru 2 or Sound Novel Tsukuru.

To celebrate this, I went back and dug up whatever data packs I had not released in the past few months and threw them all in a ZIP file. Sloppy, yes. They’ll hopefully be better organized later, especially when details of their data can be made out better.
This batch of data pack dumps contains various “Tsukuru” datas as well as a “SD Gundam G-Next” data.

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