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I’ve contributed to Hardcore Gaming 101!

Hey, guys, check this page out!

See that little section on the Satellaview Dezaemons? I feel pretty sweeet, now. HG101’s been an awesome site, and contributing to it in a substantial manner feels kind of like an accomplishment!

There hasn’t been much news on the “Satellaview Shooting Trilogy” since I sent that info down, BTW. The 8M Memory Packs have been eluding me lately. 🙁

I hope sooner or later I’ll be able to snag “BS-X Shooting” at least.

22 thoughts on I’ve contributed to Hardcore Gaming 101!

  1. I wanted to add a litte technical profile for my article. Is there any source for this?

    I thought about something like this, but have no idea, what I should and CAN add into a list like that:

    “Processor Ricoh 5A22, based on a 16-bit 65c816 core
    Clock rates (NTSC) Input: 21.47727 MHz
    Additional features
    DMA and HDMA
    Timed IRQ
    Parallel I/O processing
    Hardware multiplication and division
    Resolutions Progressive: 256 × 224, 512 × 224, 256 × 239, 512 × 239
    Interlaced: 512 × 448, 512 × 478
    Pixel depth 2, 4, 7, or 8 bpp indexed; 8 or 11 bpp direct
    Total colors 32768 (15-bit)
    Sprites 128, 32 max per line; up to 64 × 64 pixels
    Backgrounds Up to 4 planes; each up to 1024 × 1024 pixels
    Pixelization (mosaic) per background
    Color addition and subtraction
    Clipping windows (per background, affecting color, math, or both)
    Scrolling per 8 × 8 tile
    Mode 7 matrix operations
    Audio Processors Sony SPC700, Sony DSP
    Clock rates Input: 24.576 MHz
    SPC700: 1.024 MHz
    Format 16-bit ADPCM, 8 channels
    Output 32 kHz 16-bit stereo
    ADSR envelope control
    Frequency scaling and modulation using Gaussian interpolation
    Echo: 8-tap FIR filter, with up to .24s delay
    Noise generation
    Main RAM 128 kB[f]
    Video RAM 64 kB main RAM
    512 + 32 bytes sprite RAM
    256 × 15 bits palette RAM
    Audio RAM 64 kB
    Cartridges: up to 48 Mbit ROM data and 8mbit battery RAM”

    (Technical profile of the snes xD)

    I wasnt able to find something which is even close to a technicsal profile in the net.

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