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Plug – for the game I kinda didn’t really bother with.

This isn’t necessarily the greatest video quality, but…

This recording by Kikiko is of a Satellaview game I haven’t really bothered mentioning up to this point, partly because I honestly didn’t expect anyone to care. Now, however, it has a fan!

Unfortunately said fan based the name on the ol’ GoodSNES ROMdat. Tsk tsk!… yeah, I can be nitpicky.

Anyway, “Golf Daisuki! O.B. Club” is a Golf-based game with similar gameplay to “Special Tee Shot” and “Kirby’s Dream Course”.

Kikiko posted an enthusiastic review of the game here!
Said page also has some info on a canned US Release of the title, which is interesting to read!

There’s discussion on the game ongoing at the Digitpress forum.

2 thoughts on Plug – for the game I kinda didn’t really bother with.

  1. Checking the ROM header, this game appears to have a value FC at 7FC5… so, yes, limited boot-ups originally. The ROM dump seems to be a fresh one with the max amount.

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