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From the lull after the storm-ish….

Putting a few small things up as an excuse to update.

To start, the SFC MANIA blog has an update with a strange “TestData” listing.
I wonder what that’s about? Unfortunately I feel like my Japanese skill has been deteriorating rather than improving lately…

Also, for a while, I wasn’t able to snag videos off NicoNicoDouga, but after getting a new build of NicoFox all seems better! I just recently took a look into this here;

サテラビュー – 名前を盗まれた街 –

…so…. apparently in BS-X you could turn into a big, muscley, Aniki-y man…or an office woman. Huh?
(the audio also sounds a tad screwy, but that’s how it plays on NND as well, so I assume it happened during the encoding process…)

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