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ROM Release – Whats? Unsorted and Unplayable, how do these Data Packs work?

(EDIT: For some reason some issues came around with the filenames of these files before. I went and did a quick-fix for the time being.)
I remember quite a while a go posting a guide for how to boot the Same Game Koma data pack. Unfortunately, as Callis dumped more and more ROMs, I found that other data packs do not seem to work with same method – to the best of my knowledge, many of these simply will not work.

So I’ve decided to just put these up as is as see if other people can help analyze them. Because I have not been able to run these, I do not know of the contents of them.

A piece of data labeled “Nintendo 97 Race Data” or somesuch. The closest I can get to something that’d match up to this is a listing of a title called「ダビスタ96」対応− 97年度版, (Derby Stallion 96 Support, Version 1997.)

A Data Pack which has a header of “Same Game Koma Editor 4”

Some SD Gundam G-Next data.

sets of data labeled “Kanaderu Convert”. Are they all the same?

Some Sound Novel Tsukuru data

And finally, this assorted set of data packs, which seem to be RPG Tsukuru and Sound Novel Tsukuru data.