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REMINDER: Monies plz. (Donations)

I don’t know if many of you realize I got a Donate button to the right sidebar here. There’s kinda a reason for that. And now the reason’s kinda coming. I have an order for an 8M Memory Pack that I believe I need about 60 bucks for (this pack, if I read it right, should have Actraiser on it. Yay?)

Donations will make the obtaining of this pack and any future ones quite a bit easier, and would allow more updates with plenty of useful info.

Donations will be repaid for in some manner – likely when I get to dumping ROMs.


<_< Excuse the title. Eh-hem.

Unfortunately news is slow today, so I’m gonna put up something less directly-tied to the Satellaview than the previous posts. (Ok, so besides being on the Super Famicom there’s hardly a tie at all. eh.)

Hopefully a few of the hardcores here know about the XBand – the dial-up netplay system for [your favorite 16-bit gaming system that wasn’t the TurboGrafx16]. Many people have fond memories of it in the USA. Most of these people may not have even the faintest clue what the Japanese XBand communities were like or what games that they played. Today, I’ve found one.

In this video, an XBand subscriber in Japan checks out various strings of JP text and then has a few rounds of Puyo Puyo against rivals.

懐かしのSFC XBAND ぷよぷよ