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Satellaview dojin projects?

The Satellaview seems to still have a cult following in Japan even today. Fan demand for a remake of BS Fire Emblem: Akanea Senki Hen was enough for Intsys to actually have a comment about it – an awesome change from the usual Nintendo practice of pretending they don’t know what we’re talking about. (Article from Serenesforest will be tossed in here later.)

But while Intsys is considering such an action, fans are already taking it. Ah, it’s always grand to see fans go above and beyond!

First let me start with something I found a while ago – this file right here.
What is it? Seems like a retelling of BS Fire Emblem, done in SRPG Maker 95. There’s apparently also a patch for this, while I have been unable to locate. (This only works properly if your Windows is set to run in Japanese OS mode.)
I’ve played a bit of it, and was kinda irked at how unlike the actual game this is, but I was still shocked, as this was the first of it’s kind I noted.

Then a recent NicoNicoDouga upload threw me for a loop.

【再現】ファイアーエムブレム アカネイア戦記1【映像】

I’ve been trying to look for things besides BSFE stuff as well.
For example, here’s a BS Zelda-themed Zelda Classic mod.

Any others? I’d like to know. O:

(EDIT: I’ve been trying to look up something called “PROJECT GAM” which I’ve been led to assume is related to BS Tantei Club.
Any info on this would be appreciated.)

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  1. Sometimes it’s a shame to not know japanese, we can only wonder how many infos / screens about lost games we could find asking form them to nice japanese developers 😛 Props to Intsys!

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