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Satellaview Advertising

When you look for Satellaview videos on Youtube, the most likely results you’ll come across are, well, ads.

They’re pretty funky ads, too.

This one gets around in particular. Mario In Space, showing off the Satellaview’s skills and making me wish for a remake of Super Mario Land 2. Note Mario’s Japanese voice from that time: You will probably hear it again on this site.

I do not know what game is displayed in the ad.

The next one is a bit of a doozy.

A 7-minute ad showing off the Satellaview’s abilities, with a lot more game examples.

The games featured in the ad include some obvious ones, like BS Zelda and BS Dragon Quest, as well as some not-so-obvious ones, like BS Marvelous.

And then there’s ones that, from my perspective, have faded into a bit more obscurity…

BS Satellaview Bass Tournament Big Fight
BS Fushigi no Dungeon: Torneko no Daibouken
BS Monopoly 2

And a few more. These games have not appeared as ROM dumps in my searches, nor have I found much media on them other than a scant few screengrabs. I’d appreciate contributions of info.

But anyway, back on the subject…

There were quite an amount of print ads as well. What I have of them aren’t good scans (or meant to be – I took these off auction sites, assumedly trying to sell the ads.), but they should get this job done.

Ad from BS Dragon Quest(?)

Ad for “Same Game”

Ad for “Bass Tsuri No. 1”

The last few ads I got so far.

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